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Now you're wondering how all this works. Exactly what happens if you click on that "contact us" tab and send in your name, phone number, and email address? For starters, we keep it safe within our office and never give it to anyone else. Not even if they offer us money! We will respond, via phone or email, normally within 12-24 hours. No one wants to wait, and we don't want to start off on the wrong foot…

We will contact you and begin to talk about your project. In most cases, we will set up a visit to your home to meet with you in person. This gives each of us the opportunity to get to know each other better, and for us to get a feel for exactly what you have in mind. We're just regular people doing what we love, and not high-pressure salesmen trying to "close the deal" on the first visit. We're pretty good listeners too, and we'll take some notes and maybe even some photos of your home. The first in-home visit normally takes about an hour out of your busy day. We'll discuss things like feasibility (can we build it?), choices of materials, offer some ideas, and maybe some ball-park budgets for your project. No final estimates are ever prepared in your home and no contracts are ever signed on the first visit.

Next, we go back to the office where we begin our homework. We may be working on early drawings or designs, preparing a list of the best materials to suit the project's specifications, and ultimately creating a proposal for you and your family. Our estimates are extremely detailed, and not just a number scribbled on the back of our business card. We list all of the individual steps we'll go through (in order) to reach the final finished project. We will make early suggestions for each of the critical items that will go into your project, and include manufacturer, model numbers, colors, etc. to give you as much clarity as possible. We want you to understand what we are including when we offer the total project cost. And don't worry if you aren't crazy about what we've picked out for the initial estimate. It's just there to establish a baseline. You'll have plenty of time to make changes; we promise you won't hurt our feelings! Your estimate may be delivered in person or via email, whichever you prefer. If we come back to explain it all, you still won't be asked to sign anything.

After you've had time to look it over, you'll call us back and we'll begin all of your product selections in our showroom. We'll offer samples of many items for you to take home, to show relatives and friends, or just to take to the paint store. By now, you'll have a clear understanding of all the items we're including in our quote. When we go to contract, that clarity is simply transformed into a simple document we can both sign and commit to. We'll discuss the lead times and how to prepare your home before we arrive.

Now you're ready for your project to begin. We work out a starting date with you and you're all set to go. The person you worked with up until this point is there (usually Jack or Matt Philbin) to introduce the work crew and familiarize everyone with all the details of your project. We start each work day on time and work Monday through Friday. And once we start, we're yours on consecutive work days until it's done (Yes, you're stuck with us until we're finished, but don't worry…we don't eat much!) Most of the work is completed by our own uniformed employees, who have all passed background checks and drug tests. They're regular, family-oriented, people who truly enjoy what they do every day. Everyone in our company is approachable, friendly, and able to communicate with you throughout the project. We always provide dust and floor protection for any affected areas of your home, and make a real attempt to keep our dust in the area we're working on. At the conclusion of each work day, we perform a thorough cleaning and always remove anything that may be a safety hazard to you or your family. Your project manager is always available by phone or email, and is typically on the work site each day to monitor progress and answer your questions. Communication is key to your comfort level and enjoyment of the process. We never lose touch with the fact that this is your home, and understand the inconvenience that you're living with for a nicer home in the end.

Near the end of the project, we begin to look critically at what we've done. We create our own "punch lists" to look for a touch up or adjustment that we may need to perform. In most cases, this is just our own quest for perfection and are things you may or may not have even noticed. At any point, you are encouraged to point out anything that you'd like to see addressed, but odds are, we've already got it covered on our list. It makes no difference if it's a high-end kitchen or just a replacement window, we want it to be as perfect as possible. You will be proud to show off your project to guests in your home!

More than 90% of our work comes from repeat clients or referrals. Other new clients may find us because of our "A" rating on Angie's List. We don't want you to be satisfied, we want you to be thrilled! Contact us today to set up that first appointment. We'd love to meet you!

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